Developer Tools fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1792.3

This snapshot fixes a number of issues with developer tools.

Known Issue

  • [Regression] Image capture selection is not transparent (VB-62380)

Download (1792.3)


  • [Dev Tools] Closes if shortcut is pressed again (VB-46897)
  • [Dev Tools] Copy to Note doesn’t work in Inspector Sources (VB-56272)
  • [Dev Tools] Inspecting a webpage resets the UI zoom level to 100% (VB-61528)
  • [Dev Tools] Remove folder from workspace fails (VB-55909)
  • [Dev Tools][Address Bar] devtools: and legacy chrome-devtools: protocols not working (VB-43490)
  • [Keyboard][Panels] Add panel bar to F6 cycling (VB-62182)
  • [Notes] Auto-deleting empty notes should not delete if selecting the empty note (VB-62306)
  • [Notes] Search is cleared after selecting a note (VB-62303)
  • [Panels] “Remove all finished” button in downloads initially inactive (VB-58900)
  • [Regression][Extensions] Icons don’t show numbers when ‘Toggle All Extensions’ is enabled (VB-61200)
  • [Regression] Popup window doesn’t close by window.close when address bar has extension (VB-60812)
  • [User Profiles] Can’t pick a profile name if a list contains many profiles (VB-60151)
  • [Windows][Installer] Installation should be in native language (VB-1627)
  • [macOS] Window controls misaligned in Settings window (VB-62255)
  • [macOS] [Media] Playing .m4a enhanced podcast file causes a renderer crash (VB-45871)
  • ‘Focus search-field’ shortcut and styling when address-toolbar is hidden needs work (VB-61368)
  • ‘Start Page’ not translated in closed tabs menu (VB-61332)

Main photo by Christoffer Engström