Window(s) panel – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2876.3

Today’s snapshot makes the window panel a windows panel.

Some of these will be backported to stable, so test carefully. 😉

Download (2876.3)


  • [New][Windows Panel] Option to display all windows (VB-40382)
  • [New][Mail][Settings] Auto mark as read (VB-75314)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete stops working after opening a tab with autocompleted word (VB-93132)
  • [Address bar] Doesn’t display type of blocked permissions (VB-73873)
  • [Address bar] Incorrect result from autocomplete (VB-93452)
  • [Address bar][Crash] Error message when typing an address: additional fix (VB-93276)
  • [Calendar] Align edges of calendar entry in month view (VB-93427)
  • [Fast forward] Make Fast Forward work on single-page web apps (VB-92778)
  • [Mail] Copy to Note context menu from email now includes the selected text (VB-19427)
  • [Mail] Disable notifications during initial account sync (VB-92908)
  • [Mail][Notifications] Clicking on mail notification does not open the mail (VB-93399)
  • [Menus] Add an activate entry to window panel menu (VB-93286)
  • [Menus] Let Window menu include an entry with other windows and their content (VB-93261)
  • [Onboarding] Classic selected even after clicking Essentials in welcome dialog (VB-93122)
  • [Panels] Web panel counter detection broken for some sites (VB-93433)
  • [Panels][Toolbars] Statusbar items don’t display well in the panel (VB-92973)
  • [Panels][Window Panel] Pin a tab stack using drag and drop (VB-93363)
  • [Quick Commands] Support Multiplication Sign in Quick Commands Calculator (VB-60640)
  • [Quick Commands] Support division symbol and heavy minus sign (VB-60640)

Main photo by Nastuh Abootalebi