Will you be ours? – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3269.3

A bonus snapshot for Valentine’s day, since we love all you snapshot users! 💖

Hearts light up on a dark background

Known Issues

  • [macOS] Main menu broken for users with custom menus: updates are disabled and the download link removed (VB-104016)

Download (3269.3)


  • [Address bar][Auto-Update][Themes] Restart button has low-contrast in dark themes (VB-103384)
  • [Bookmarks] Thumbnail preview text overflows (VB-103972)
  • [Calendar] Creating local account creates a calendar named “New Account” (VB-103901)
  • [Calendar] Extra local calendar created in calendar first run popup (VB-103960)
  • [Capture] Page capture panel select input too narrow (VB-103990)
  • [Crash] Popups can cause crash (VB-103883)
  • [Crash][Tabs] Trying to drag and drop to the other profile (VB-101573)
  • [Extensions][Keyboard] Shortcuts not working (VB-99601)
  • [Mail] Standard folder subscription not established on setup of OAuth accounts (VB-103857)
  • [Reading List][New] Import from and export to Instapaper CSV (VB-103498)
  • [Settings][Themes] Accept-Language popup list incorrect with all dark themes (VB-103981)
  • [Tabs] Blue indicator should not appear when trying to move tabs to another profile (VB-103650)
  • [Workspaces] “Stack tabs” command stacks and associates tabs from inactive workspaces (VB-103807)
  • [Workspaces] Rules description is in scrollable area (VB-101428)

Main photo by Bruce Hong.