Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2817.3

Today’s snapshot includes several important address bar fixes relating to autocomplete.

Please test the address bar fixes carefully as we intend to include them in a minor update to 5.5, so we need to ensure there are no further regressions. Some of the Tasks fixes will also be taken.

Download (2817.3)


  • [Address bar] First word is hidden when selecting a search from the drop down (VB-92073)
  • [Address bar] Saved password popup isn’t properly written (VB-92032)
  • [Address bar] Search engine autocomplete complicates getting to a URL (VB-92064)
  • [Address bar] Wrong autocomplete for typed history items (VB-92081)
  • [Address bar][Crash][Bookmarks] When item with no title (VB-92140)
  • [Address bar][Crash] When typing into a newly opened tab (VB-91571)
  • [Calendar] Fails to read events data from the CalDAV server (VB-91723)
  • [Calendar] In dialog editor “All Day” checkbox is missing for events (VB-92078)
  • [Calendar] Text mismatch for adding new task in tasks panel (VB-92046)
  • [Calendar] Volume setting for notification sound (VB-91782)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] The state for “Show Completed tasks” is incorrect (VB-92034)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] You cannot “Show completed tasks” if you have no tasks outstanding (VB-92033)
  • [Image inspector] Broken copyrights (VB-33640)
  • [Mail] Ability to create local accounts (VB-91506)
  • [Mail] Don’t stack case-sensitive Re: prefixes (VB-63123)
  • [Mail] Prefetching already imported bodies: further fix (VB-81283)
  • [Mail] Undeleted message shown to be in two folders, when trying to move the message to a different folder (VB-90801)
  • [Mail] mail oAuth support (VB-89831)
  • [Mail][macOS] Doesn’t respond as default mail client (VB-92007)
  • [Menus][Panels][Calendar][Tasks] Menu item added to view menu (VB-92055)
  • [Menus][Panels][Calendar][Tasks][Translate][Reading list][Feeds] Icons added (VB-92057)
  • [Privacy][Settings] Rename the “Do Not Track” section (VB-91985)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Iframe support (VB-5038)
  • [Webpage] JS generated element at wrong position (VB-90521)
  • [macOS] Settings window controls unreachable in fullscreen (VB-90960)

Main photo by James Homans