Changelog for update 4 for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 5.3

This update promotes Mail from Beta to Stable and includes a couple of search fixes.

To enable Mail go to “Settings → General → Productivity features” and tick the option “Enable Mail, Calendar and Feeds”.

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The following improvements were made since the third 5.3 minor update:

  • [New][Mail][Calendar][Feeds] Removing Beta label and upgrading version number and user agent to v1.0
  • [Bookmark] Page icon moves bookmarks to root folder (VB-89557)
  • [Calendar] Newly synced calendar is automatically set as default (VB-89798)
  • [Capture] Controls focus outline is incorrect (VB-89609)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 102.0.5005.108
  • [Download] Popup appears in video fullscreen (VB-89516)
  • [Extensions][Toolbars] Icon shows when toggling disabled (VB-89602)
  • [Mail] “Error: Key SELECTION_STORE_MAIL_KEY has already been set” is shown (VB-85757)
  • [Mail] Delete Permanently shortcut deletes everything when in Sender View (VB-89606)
  • [Mail] Delete dialog doesn’t show how many messages are being deleted (VB-89603)
  • [Mail] Hard to find which account received an email if received as BCC (VB-84768)
  • [Mail] Import from Opera is disabled (VB-85688)
  • [Mail] Mark all read shortcut in filtered unread, marks all unread (also unfiltered) messages read (VB-83606)
  • [Mail] Not reconnected when coming back online again (VB-88972)
  • [Mail] POP mail server settings layout is broken (VB-89550)
  • [Mail] Status messages and indicators for prefetch not appearing (VB-89566)
  • [Mail] Status messages should show in the window that contains mail (VB-89613)
  • [Mail] The error, “ConstraintError Unable to add key to index ‘[accountId+path]'” is still shown for some users (VB-89774)
  • [Mail] Can’t delete folder with non-ASCII characters (VB-89800)
  • [Mail] Error: “Not yet support for changing primary key” (VB-87689)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Remove optional oAuth consent prompt parameter from auth request (VB-89641)
  • [Mail][Settings] Make sure two columns can fit default window width (VB-89642)
  • [Mail][Windows] Colour picker in mail composer is difficult to use (VB-73360)
  • [Search][Extensions] Cannot change the default search in 5.3 if a search engine extension was installed in 5.2 (VB-89670)
  • [Search][Windows] Group policy defined search engine fails to load (VB-89757)
  • [UI] Image properties for AVIF doesn’t work (VB-88314)

Main photo by Kate Macate.

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