Tweaks to autocomplete – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2921.33

Today’s snapshot changes the behaviour of autocomplete slightly.

Known Issues

  • No macOS build this time

Download (2921.33)


  • [Address bar] Use a new typed history algorithm for autocomplete (VB-95008)
  • [Calendar] Changing “This and Upcoming” does nothing (VB-94954)
  • [Calendar] Incorrect time for floating time events (VB-94772)
  • [Calendar] Warnings logged when copying event (VB-94761)
  • [Crash][Panels] When adding web panel (VB-95120)
  • [Mail] Detect HTML file signature in text/plain emails and switch to HTML rendering mode (VB-94890)
  • [macOS][Crash] On closing fullscreen video in a private window on machines without a notch (VB-95156)

Main photo by Gleren Meneghin