Translate selected text – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2392.3

In today’s snapshot you can now translate selections of text. Select some text, right click and choose translate!

Download (2392.3)


  • [New][Translate] Selected text on web pages (VB-80726)
  • [New][Menus] Add menu option to open link in a specific browser window (VB-78071)
  • [Bookmarks] Wrong sort order on the bookmark bar (VB-82084)
  • [Capture] No notification when capture is copied to clipboard (VB-81840)
  • [Capture] Selection Area Misplaced if UI Zoom not 100% (VB-81763)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 92.0.4515.134
  • [Extensions] chrome.extension.getViews({ type: ‘popup’ }) is suppose to return an empty array if the popup window is not open (VB-81714)
  • [Linux] Chromium browsers fail to start with systemd-resolved version 249 (VB-81641)
  • [macOS] Some videos still don’t play from YouTube on certain hardware (VB-76731)
  • [macOS] “Quit Vivaldi” appears twice in Command Chains (VB-80314)
  • [macOS] Can’t paste URL into new tab address bar with mouse (VB-61371)
  • [Media][Windows] No sound on some media after installing the AV1 video extension codec (VB-81392)
  • [Menus] %s in context menu with certain languages applied (VB-81553)
  • [Menus] Capitalization wrong in main menu (VB-81712)
  • [Menus] Incorrect shortcut rendering in Menu Settings (VB-81492)
  • [Menus] Menu is visible in fullscreen mode (VB-81692)
  • [Notes][Panels] Edit area remembers where expansion ended even when the expansion was over limit (VB-64703)
  • [Search] Update DuckDuckGo search favicon (VB-82131)
  • [Settings][Settings] Default Bookmark Bar cannot be changed (VB-81911)
  • [Speed Dial] Horizontal Speed Dial page transition is broken (VB-82149)
  • [Tabs] “Remove from Tab Stack” unstacks entire stack instead of just removing active tab from stack (VB-82079)
  • [Tabs] Can’t close tab when “Align Next Close Button” disabled (VB-82222)
  • [Tabs] Incorrect inactive tab background with Accordion Tab Stacking on and Transparent Tab Bar on (VB-81579)
  • [Tabs] Opening and closing tabs slow with many tabs: work in progress (VB-80215)
  • [Tabs] Popup is reloaded when a tab is reloaded (VB-81908)
  • [Tabs] Show popup thumbnail doesn’t update anymore (VB-82036)
  • [Tabs] Vertical tabs have a selection width limit (VB-81938)
  • [Tabs] With changing title is hard to Drag’n’Drop (VB-81437)
  • [Tabs][Panels][Keyboard] New tab (Ctrl+T) creates two tabs when Windows Panel is visible and Tab Bar is hidden (VB-81887)
  • [Translate] Allow to select override source and destination language from a dropdown (VB-81739)
  • [Translate] Don’t show button when src and dest language are the same (VB-81738)
  • [Translate][Crash] When translating certain websites (VB-81187)
  • [Updates] Profile selection window on startup interferes with auto update (VB-82027)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [Calendar] CalDAV iCal Location is not synched (VB-82101)
  • [Calendar] Changing colors and names for Web Calendars doesn’t work (VB-81872)
  • [Calendar] Changing event calendar does not update events on server (VB-82030)
  • [Calendar] Comma in title is escaped with backslash (VB-76073)
  • [Calendar] Creating a task will move view to January 1970 (VB-82132)
  • [Calendar] Incorrect jumping of days when moving down in month view (VB-65345)
  • [Calendar] Keyboard navigation breaks for long event (VB-79067)
  • [Calendar] Recurring task created with incorrect duration (VB-82032)
  • [Mail] Add option for Mail search using enter key rather than onKeyDown (VB-82160)
  • [Mail] Import IMAP from Opera M2 does not add custom IMAP folders (VB-81691)
  • [Mail] Import from M2 does not add filters for accounts (VB-82091)
  • [Mail] Import from M2 pop has errors in console (VB-82155)
  • [Mail] Imported Unknown Folder (VB-81273)
  • [Mail] Scheduled theme causes open mail item to reload, losing scroll position (VB-69313)
  • [Mail] Search with keywords (from:, subject:) is broken (VB-59230)
  • [Mail] Sent emails with inline images are not rendered correctly in Outlook 2013 (VB-82010)
  • [Mail] Signature not retaining formatting (line-break) when replying to an HTML email (VB-77299)
  • [Mail] Some imported Opera M2 NNTP messages get their own folder (VB-80549)
  • [Mail] Status bar mail popup list emails are not being marked as read (VB-78551)
  • [Mail] Subscribe and unsubscribe affected by selected folder when right-clicking another folder (VB-81726)
  • [Mail] Treat sender as mailing list works only after manually rerunning the filter (VB-80285)

Main photo by Ruarí Ødegaard