Toolbar customization and disabling the autoplay of videos – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2679.3

Today’s snapshot includes a couple new features, a major Chromium bump and a ton of fixes. Enjoy the weekend!

Download (2679.3)


  • [New][Toolbars] Create a drag-and-drop toolbar customization mode (VB-70320)
  • [New][Audio][Settings] Option to disable autoplay for video and audio (VB-17431)
  • [Address bar] Border around padlock (VB-89235)
  • [Address bar] Modifier key + click on history back/forward buttons doesn’t work as intended (VB-89106)
  • [Address bar] Search icon changes position when entering input (VB-86920)
  • [Address bar] Secure icon is behind url (VB-89205)
  • [Address bar] Text is no longer draggable (VB-89170)
  • [Address bar][Calendar] Clicking on webcal links that open in new tab result in incorrect display URL (VB-89356)
  • [Bookmarks] Becomes unusable with too many bookmarks (VB-89052)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 102.0.5005.55
  • [Context menu] “Add to Content” in Menu Setting doesnt work (VB-89208)
  • [Context menu] Can’t copy and search for text on (VB-89245)
  • [Crash] Browser crashes randomly, particularly on macOS (VB-88607)
  • [Crash][Capture] When closing a tab after a capture (VB-89189)
  • [Feeds] Disappear from Feed Panel after restart (VB-89193)
  • [Focus] Various minor fixes (VB-89147)
  • [Guest Window] Favicons do not load for webpages (VB-86534)
  • [Inspector] Image inspector does not show (VB-89238)
  • [Keyboard] ‘\’ to collapse three views (VB-88104)
  • [Linux][Media] Change proprietary codecs to 102.0.5005.49-107578
  • [Media][Windows] More robust AAC handling (VB-89287)
  • [Notes] Cannot create links with file protocol in it (VB-85592)
  • [Notes] UI is not updated when adding attachments (VB-89293)
  • [Notes][Capture] “Insert Markdown” doesn’t work (VB-69439)
  • [Notes][Quick Commands] Create note icon in quick command is a square (VB-89036)
  • [Profiles] Button is displayed inside private windows (VB-89157)
  • [Session] Cannot restore a saved session if it contains a tab stack (VB-89077)
  • [Session] Remember last state of “Open Session” (VB-89179)
  • [Speed Dial] Keep search text when switching tabs (VB-54596)
  • [Speed Dial] Search field dropdown appears behind Speed Dials or default search engine suggestion (VB-89085)
  • [Tabs] Add confirmation to closing 10+ tabs (VB-88893)
  • [Tabs] Selection outline stuck in tab bar after dragging tab out and in (VB-82932)
  • [Windows][Media] Some videos failing for certain users (VB-89019)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Clicking “Open Calendar Settings” does nothing (VB-89084)
  • [Calendar] Duplicate calendars when adding CalDAV account (VB-89144)
  • [Calendar] Request for fetching favicon for Mail calendar is broken (VB-88907)
  • [Calendar] Support for Webcal links missing (VB-89284)
  • [Mail] Ability to delete IMAP folders (VB-89291)
  • [Mail] Add Account missing from All accounts context menu (VB-89263)
  • [Mail] Create an Archive folder if needed when archiving
  • [Mail] Old labels are not decoded (VB-89257)
  • [Mail] Rebuild and vacuum Mail search DB after (VB-88649)
  • [Mail] Text → HTML equivalent for “Show Message as Text” (VB-89192)
  • [Mail] Wrap long URLs in plain text mail body (VB-86967)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Status buttons open at the same time (VB-89290)
  • [Mail][Calendar] status popup doesn’t close when clicking outside popup (VB-89308)
  • [Mail][Menus] Rename ‘Folders’ to ‘Views’ in context menus (VB-89211)
  • [Mail][Panel] Create Label is missing from context menu (VB-89256)

Main photo by Hunter Haley.