That Friday feeling – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3102.3

In this Friday snapshot we fix a bunch of stuff and break a little bit. 😉

Known Issues

  • [Mail] Weird border around View Filter buttons in horizontal and vertical wide modes

Download (3102.3)


  • [Address bar] Address field text does not align (VB-99208)
  • [Address bar] Ctrl+Enter use typedUrl instead of autocomplete value (VB-99136)
  • [Address bar][Bookmarks] Bookmark nicknames trigger search sometimes (VB-99105)
  • [Bookmarks] URL is displayed twice for non https protocol (VB-99093)
  • [Bookmarks] Wrong placeholder at creation (VB-99094)
  • [Calendar] Drag and drop to clone event should work (VB-96592)
  • [Calendar] Long title of event flows out of notification (VB-98739)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] There should be an edit on the context menu for tasks (VB-92085)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 116.0.5845.68
  • [Crash] Trying to use WebToEpub (VB-95640)
  • [Crash] While the browser was running without being used (VB-99234)
  • [Crash][Popout Video] Google Meet page is crashing after enable PiP on a meeting (VB-98251)
  • [Keyboard] F6 focus cycling stuck (VB-95976)
  • [Mail] Inactive View Filter pill buttons in Horizontal/Vertical Wide don’t look like buttons: causes a visual bug with “icons only” in horizontal and vertical wide, to be fixed later (VB-99246)
  • [Mail] Right click menu should always show all available categories, not just the currently selected ones (VB-99089)
  • [Mail] View Filter button doesn’t appear on default in Horizontal and Vertical wide (VB-99091)
  • [Page Loading] Favicon component loads page instead of using cache (VB-99168)
  • [Panels] Toolbar not hidden when floating panel is closed (VB-99195)
  • [Panels][Menus] Add “Copy All Links” context menu item to window panel (VB-98931)
  • [Panels][Tabs] Gap with tabs and panel toggle on right side (VB-99209)
  • [Workspaces] Creating a workspace in a private window creates an empty “Restored workspace” in the normal windows (VB-98506)

Main photo by Estúdio Bloom.