Tab fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2367.3

Today’s snapshot brings us one step closer to the release of 4.1 stable and thus focusses mainly on fixes for accordion 🪗 tabs.

Download (2367.3)


  • [Capture] Rewrite UI: code cleanup only, it should work the same (VB-59680)
  • [Menus] Alt-menu does not work in full-screen mode (VB-81467)
  • [Reader] Doesn’t display the correct reading time (VB-81639)
  • [Tabs] Tab bar breaks after trying to close tab utilizing window.onbeforeunload (VB-81542)
  • [Tabs] Accordion toggle arrow is visible while dragging stack
  • [Tabs] Links opened from a tab stack are opened next to the tab stack instead of the end of the tab bar (VB-80359)
  • [Tabs] Various bugs related to opening and closing accordions
  • [Tabs] Add option to turn off auto expansion of accordions (VB-81565)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [Mail] IMAP connections stop working (VB-81623)
  • [Mail] Prefetching does not resume after reconnect (VB-81533)
  • [Mail][Themes] Changing breaks video playback (VB-76563)

Main photo by Waldemar Brandt