Sunday Snapshot – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3035.12

As we get close to the release of 6.1, here is a bonus weekend snapshot with a handful of fixes.

Known Issues

  • [Address bar][Settings] With native windows and tabs not on top the Vivaldi menu button is overlapped (VB-97898)

Download (3035.12)


  • [Crash][Developer Tools] When closing recently undocked devtools window (VB-97822)
  • [Mail] Labels, date, size, and attachment columns are misaligned with the column headers in horizontal view (VB-97585)
  • [Tab Bar] Drag to search in a stacks’ tab tab should open the tab inside the stack (VB-97801)
  • [Tab Bar] Dragging a tab which plays sound from inside a tab stack to outside of it keeps the audio icon playing (VB-97784)
  • [UI] White flash on browser start (VB-92622)
  • [Windows Panel] Window/Workspace root level reports wrong number of tabs (VB-96966)
  • [Windows][Settings] Empty space on top of address bar if Native Window and Tab Bar at left (VB-97830)
  • [Windows][Settings] Remove tab spacing in maximized window does not work (VB-97013)
  • [Workspaces] Deleting a workspace creates an empty restored workspace (VB-97833)
  • [Workspaces][Settings] Disable and Warn users with options other than “Startup with Last Session” (VB-95507)

Main photo by freestocks