Something for the weekend – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3201.4

We know you wanted something new and shiny to play with this weekend, so here it is. Today’s snapshot includes a wealth of fixes across the board and a bump up to Chromium 120.

Man cycling along a street in the snow with kids playing at the edge.

Download (3201.4)


  • [Address bar] Add origin category in best result title in drop down (VB-101715)
  • [Address bar] Nothing highlighted when matching on bookmark description (VB-101480)
  • [Address bar] Pressing Delete when empty input cancels best result (VB-101596)
  • [Address bar] Pressing Enter in address bar is slow with large history (VB-99872)
  • [Address bar] Autocompletes on the wrong category (VB-101220)
  • [Bookmarks] Messes up sorting I try to organize the Speed Dial (VB-98754)
  • [Calendar] Adding a start time to a task needs to be updated 3 times for the correct time to “stick” (VB-101537)
  • [Calendar] Cancelling marking a recurring task as done, marks them all done (VB-101683)
  • [Calendar] Error in Calendar Panel on slow connections (VB-101637)
  • [Calendar] Event not saved when pressing Enter (VB-101606)
  • [Calendar] Event reminder is fired a minute late (VB-101663)
  • [Calendar] Exception lost when changing recurring event (VB-101487)
  • [Calendar] Reminder dialog shows first date of recurring event (VB-101536)
  • [Calendar] Wrong instance changed when changing upcoming (VB-101486)
  • [Calendar] Editing a recurring event causes the browser to freeze (VB-101534)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 120.0.6099.34
  • [Contacts] Empty Contacts panel shows editor (VB-101806)
  • [Crash] Clicking ‘Next Page’ (VB-101579)
  • [Crash] Not able to view image properties for local images (VB-101539)
  • [Crash] With extensions that do content script injection (VB-101685)
  • [Crash][Sync] When reporting some sync status to the UI (VB-101813)
  • [Crash][macOS] With corrupted last update check date/time (VB-100532)
  • [Direct Match] Add mistype algorithm (VB-101505)
  • [Direct Match] Ignore consecutive spaces (VB-101651)
  • [Direct Match] should match on URL but display title (VB-101722)
  • [Feeds] Add an inline explainer to the feed preview page (VB-101809)
  • [Feeds] Overhaul feed polling and caching logic (VB-101828)
  • [History] Manager top domains lack favicon (VB-101635)
  • [Mail] Filters can easily be deleted, with no way to recover (VB-95267)
  • [Mail] Using sync and removing a mail account will remove password on another device (VB-101852)
  • [Mail][Settings] Left align label text in signature composer (VB-101628)
  • [Notes][New] Append to Note option (VB-80866)
  • [Notes] Proportional note manager resizing (VB-101630)
  • [Panels] Add ‘Close window’ as an option in Window Panel’s right-click menu (VB-93897)
  • [Performance] Welcome screen taking 40% CPU and 90% GPU on a MacBook Pro (VB-101674)
  • [Private Window] Theme the window appropriately while loading (VB-101513)
  • [Settings][Workspace Rules] Make the icon selection dialog float above container (VB-101594)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Crash when selecting radio buttons (VB-101453)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Trying to click on links selects and highlights instead of navigating (VB-101528)
  • [Speed Dial] Dev tools panel appears after navigate back (VB-98988)
  • [Tabs] After closing private window, duplicating tab doesn’t focus on it (VB-101410)
  • [Tabs] After opening a folder of bookmarks via a nickname, the newly opened tabs are wrongly arranged (VB-101597)
  • [Tabs] Allow slight mouse cursor movements within the drop target while creating a Tab Stack (VB-101591)
  • [Tabs] Reduce excess disk writes for tab thumbnails (VB-100935)
  • [Tabs] Reimplement “Do not change active tab” when tabs from closed window are moved (VB-98215)
  • [Themes] Incorrect color applied to bottom address bar (VB-101352)
  • [Workspaces] Rearranging workspaces fails when the workspaces button is in the panel toolbar (VB-99784)

Main photo by Liam McGarry.