Small Chromium bump [déjà vu] – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3256.4

We have a quick follow up snapshot today, just to get you the latest security fixes from the Chromium team. 😉

two women with pink hair and sunglasses (with the same outfit) looking at each other

Download (3256.4)


  • [Address bar] When typing into the address bar and hitting enter quickly, some characters are dropped (VB-103404)
  • [Address bar][Themes] Selection does not use themes highlight color (VB-92801)
  • [Blocker] Center shield icon counter (VB-102044)
  • [Calendar] Accepting invite for exception adds event in wrong calendar (VB-99422)
  • [Calendar] Can not type space in Create Event dialog (VB-103530)
  • [Calendar] Daily recurrence turns into monthly (VB-102190)
  • [Calendar] Import dialog state incorrect after changing source (VB-97504)
  • [Calendar] Stop polling while the client is offline (VB-103133)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 120.0.6099.278
  • [Crash][Extensions] Follow up to crash fix with extension warnings (VB-103443)
  • [Extensions] Prompt popup created by a extension shows ID instead of extension name (VB-43609)
  • [Extensions][Themes] Light review button in dark extension dialog (VB-103599)
  • [Guest Window] Give a dedicated favicon to the Guest Profile Introduction Page (VB-98688)
  • [Linux][Fedora] Fix repository configuration and update package signature keys on systems where they are wrong or broken (VB-103496)
  • [macOS] Crash when scrolling horizontally in the developer tools window (VB-101337)
  • [Mail] Attachments are lost from draft after restart (VB-103296)
  • [Mail] Hide confusing “OR” option and fix keyboard focus issue (VB-103486)
  • [Mail] Inline image shown as attachment after reopen from Drafts (VB-103437)
  • [Mail] Only add NOT if the search is not empty, since otherwise it doesn’t work (VB-103487)
  • [Mail] Search database migration error (VB-103504)
  • [Menus] Customized context/menus get reset to default on upgrade (VB-103524)
  • [Settings] When using the search-box the button “Manage sources” does not work (VB-92878)
  • [Settings][Privacy] Display websites set to never save a password in Privacy settings (VB-52769)
  • [Tabs] Created inside pinned stack can’t be closed (VB-103499)
  • [Tabs] If you select multiple tab stacks and click unstack tabs (in the right click menu), it only unstacks the last selected tab stack (VB-101941)
  • [Tabs] Page load progress not shown while awaiting receipt of first byte (VB-98838)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tab settings are not respected (VB-103570)
  • [Tabs][Commands] Various stack command issues (VB-103523)
  • [Tasks][Calendar] Recurring tasks only shows one instance in panel (VB-101717)
  • [Translate] Is not auto detecting language in some scenarios (VB-87659)
  • [Translate] Use a newer/better translation server (VB-103503)
  • [UI] Unify look of form elements (VB-103355)
  • [Welcome Page] Empty state for importer when there are no other browsers detected (VB-103539)

Main photo by Chan.