Return of the big changelog – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3149.7

In today’s snapshot we have a big bunch of fixes (we know you have been waiting), and a major Chromium bump. Have a great weekend!

Just some quick thoughts on VB-99651. In an effort to remain fully transparent, we discussed our sources of income in an older blog post. In that post we mention that while part of that income includes various search engine deals, using Google search does not contribute anything financially to the cost of developing Vivaldi.

Given we know that you (our loyal users) want to contribute to Vivaldi, we now include a more obvious, little reminder of the direct connection between search deals and our income in the browser, along with other ways you might consider to help out. This includes listing other search providers whom we do partner with. With the improving quality of alternative search engines, and many of them also having noticeably better privacy records, this isn’t a bad thing to think about. Nonetheless if you do want to use Google, you can simply dismiss this message. Indeed, you are not required to do anything, we are still happy to serve you! 😉

Oh and yes we did just up the version number to 6.4… don’t read too much into that, we will explain later. 😆

Download (3149.7)


  • [Address bar][Search Field] Provider keyword not stripped from suggestion query substitution (VB-99791)
  • [Bookmarks][Keyboard] Focus lost in Bookmarks Panel search field on Ctrl+Backspace (VB-99994)
  • [Calendar] Editing or adding events to the calendar does not work correctly. (VB-100007)
  • [Calendar] In the status logs the the Clear button often does nothing (VB-100001)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 118.0.5993.33
  • [Crash][Developer Tools] On undocking (VB-100361)
  • [Crash][Workspaces] Closing window with an open workspace with hibernating tabs (VB-99800)
  • [Extensions] Popup appears shrunk (VB-99147)
  • [Extensions] Privacy Badger options menu in a private window crashes browser (VB-99589)
  • [Feeds] Duplicate feed from some sites (VB-100170)
  • [Game] Link to Vivaldia game on error page does nothing (VB-100071)
  • [Keyboard] Unassign the default shortcut for “Load Images” as it is confusing (VB-92932)
  • [Mail] Attachment icon is missing sometimes in the view (present in mail) (VB-77629)
  • [Mail] Attachment image shows up and overlaps mail view (VB-96239)
  • [Mail] Connection attempts pending after hibernation trigger before network is established (VB-100360)
  • [Mail] Image rendering issue (VB-94214)
  • [Mail] Incorrect rendering of attachment images and calendar invites (VB-100277)
  • [Mail] Inline multiparts in messages from Spark Mail incorrectly believed to be attachments (VB-98592)
  • [Mail] Password changes not affecting client (VB-100325)
  • [Mail] Top level panel items lack spacing (VB-100321)
  • [Mail] Wrong toolbar appears restart (Compose instead of Mail Detail) (VB-100066)
  • [Notes] All blank lines removed (VB-99882)
  • [Pop-up Blocker] List of blocked pop-ups can overflow the pop-out window and hide the buttons (VB-100216)
  • [Search][Address bar] Using a keyword search breaks the ability to search for the same thing in the default search engine (VB-100264)
  • [Speed Dial] Bad view of the tiny thumbnails with title enabled (VB-79991)
  • [Speed Dial] Navigation sorting update (VB-41145)
  • [Speed Dial][Settings] Update “Support Vivaldi” message for users that select Google Search Engine (VB-99651)
  • [Sync][Settings] Make Use Native Window option non-syncable (VB-100293)
  • [Windows][Settings] Wrong alignment of V-Menu button in “Native Window” mode (VB-98615)
  • Disable Privacy sandbox, and disable/remove Topics and Privacy Sandbox prefs pages (VB-99915)

Main photo by Sarah Kilian.