Reset settings to defaults – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2669.3

Today’s snapshot allows you to reset your settings… plus, a few more fixes. 😉

Download (2669.3)


  • [New][Settings] Reset to default for every section (VB-7696)
  • [New][Quick Commands][Keyboard] Missing “Reload tab stack” (VB-88553)
  • [Address bar] Dragging icon on top of address bar leaves blue line (VB-89066)
  • [Address bar] Esc doesn’t clear text in address field after you click blocking level in privacy stats (VB-88567)
  • [Address bar] In Speed Dial don’t empty URL when closing tab (VB-88737)
  • [Bookmarks] Bookmark folder icons are displaying as empty square icons (VB-88063)
  • [Guest Window] Has web panels that do nothing (VB-88917)
  • [Linux][Media] Change proprietary codecs to 100.0.4896.127-106454; Published 2022-04-25
  • [macOS] Opening URL not working if no window open (VB-85202)
  • [Menus] Image properties context menu is visible on SVG “images” (VB-55728)
  • [Notes] Renaming and then changing content immediately causes title to be reverted (VB-87684)
  • [Panel][Tabs] Pinned and Stacked Tabs Not Displayed in Window Panel (VB-84013)
  • [Quick Commands] Panels shouldn’t be accessible if they are not enabled (VB-88842)
  • [Settings][Keyboard] Chain shortcuts not displayed in Settings (VB-88905)
  • [Speed Dial] Search privacy notification layout seems broken (VB-88883)
  • [Tabs] Having two tab stacks, dragging a tab past the first stack into the second stack will scramble the order of the first stack (VB-88960)
  • [Tabs] Vertical tab bar auto-scrolling is too aggressive and inconsistent (VB-88698)
  • [Tabs][Themes] Drag tabs over another tab might leave that tab with accent color (VB-88739)
  • [Translate] List of translated items in translation history is half height (VB-88498)
  • [UI] Can not drag toolbar buttons unless editing is enabled in experiments (VB-88837)
  • [Windows][Installer] Should disable change folder UI for system installs (VB-89068)
  • [Windows][Media] Some videos failing for certain users (VB-89019)
  • [Zoom] Indicator in status bar is not editable (VB-88409)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] May not be able to delete improperly setup Calendar (VB-88939)
  • [Calendar] Can not add iCloud CalDAV account (VB-88914)
  • [Calendar] Create calendar in settings shows web calendar account as option (VB-89025)
  • [Calendar] Repeat until / ending has of-by-1-error (VB-86771)
  • [Calendar] Searching for tasks without date goes to January 1st 1970 (VB-87209)
  • [Calendar] Agenda view should also show the weekday (VB-87490)
  • [Mail] Archives folder from Thunderbird client should be interpreted as being an archive folder (VB-89039)
  • [Mail] Correctly formatted signature beginning with “– \n” is modified by Vivaldi to add redundant “– \n” (VB-88694)
  • [Mail] Do not hide “down arrow” in Read/unread mail button (VB-88999)
  • [Mail] Don’t add signature delimiter if there’s no signature (VB-87217)
  • [Mail] Folder names with non-Latin letters not decoded in header and status popup (VB-88880)
  • [Mail] Indicate progress on “Check All Accounts” button in Mail Panel (VB-89001)
  • [Mail] Infinite loop of mail fetching (VB-80695)
  • [Mail] Labels (tags) made from web-mail (like Zoho) are not synced after the initial mail sync (VB-88884)
  • [Mail] Microsoft oAuth warning text (VB-88885)
  • [Mail] Missing blank line between signature and quoted text when replying to plain text message with “Place signature at bottom” set (VB-87970)
  • [Mail] Not reconnected when browser is online again (VB-88972)
  • [Mail] Rich Text Signature resets cursor to start when typing (VB-89028)
  • [Mail] Sending a mail with mHTML attachment gives error message (VB-88846)
  • [Mail] Toggle in the mail header area between HTML and plain text (VB-89048)
  • [Mail] Toolbar drop down arrow for flags and labels not working (VB-89060)
  • [Mail] Unable to move messages from folder types other than Inbox and Other (VB-88881)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Can not close status popup by clicking on button (VB-89007)
  • [Mail][Panel] Allow to show and hide folder categories with context menu (VB-88911)
  • [Mail][Panel] Settings to re-arrange the panel (VB-86001)

Main photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez.