Quick Settings panel for Start Page – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2562.3

Today’s snapshot adds easy access to relevant settings directly from the Speed Dial.

Download (2562.3)


  • [New][Speed Dial] Quick Settings Panel for Start Page (VB-83983)
  • [New][Commands] Move tab to first/last index (VB-85994)
  • [New][Settings][Quick Commands] Reorder list depending on setting (VB-85683)
  • [Address bar] Stats for external resources counters are wrong (VB-86085)
  • [Address bar] The download size in the URL bar is wrong and depends on speed (VB-86097)
  • [Address bar] URL doesn’t update when deleting contents of URL field then navigating to a new URL (VB-80954)
  • [Address bar][Blocker] Put more focus on amount of ads and trackers blocked in dialog (VB-86164)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 98.0.4758.70
  • [Crash] On startup (VB-86116)
  • [Extensions][Private Window] “Script Block” won’t work (VB-85986)
  • [Settings] Incorrect status bar toggle when UI off (VB-83136)
  • [Settings][Keyboard] Tab Bar Position is not keyboard accessible (VB-80907)
  • [Settings][Keyboard][Gestures] Restore default shortcut breaks gestures (VB-86029)
  • [Tabs] Adjust tab width in Scrolling horizontal tabs to avoid fragments (VB-85656)
  • [Tabs] Hover not active after closing tabs (VB-81880)
  • [Tabs][Window management] Window not drag-able with scroll-able tabs enabled (VB-85869)
  • [Welcome Page] Clarify intent with Import (VB-86223)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Mail] Cannot import only one account when the accounts have the same mail address (VB-85845)
  • [Mail] Closing the OAuth window causes account discovery to hang up (VB-86031)
  • [Mail] Import Thunderbird with aliases should add aliases to account (VB-86059)
  • [Mail] Junk and Archive buttons broken (VB-85842)
  • [Mail] Move mailing lists from important to other takes forever (VB-84345)
  • [Mail] Stops fetching emails (VB-73630)
  • [Mail] UTF-8 check mark in server form sometime breaks (VB-85934)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Remove status bar error icons (VB-85990)
  • [Calendar] Add ability to select day without selecting event by clicking date (VB-59411)
  • [Calendar] Agenda view wrong start date (VB-85867)
  • [Calendar] No feedback on parse error when importing (VB-80754)
  • [Calendar] Add-calendar popup shouldn’t accept web calendar account (VB-86090)

Main photo by Victor Serban.