Popout Video volume controls – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3119.4

Today’s snapshot includes support for video controls for PiP and includes a range of other fixes (some of which will be backported to 6.2 stable after testing).

popcorn bowl

Known Issues

  • [Crash] On accessing site specific settings (VB-99587)

Download (3119.4)


  • [New][Popout Video] Add volume controls (VB-63230)
  • [New][Calendar] Create template from event (VB-65350)
  • [Blocker] Text in privacy statistics is blurred (VB-91059)
  • [Calendar] ICS import progress is not correct (VB-98474)
  • [Commands][Tabs] Stack Tabs doesn’t work (VB-96867)
  • [History] Contains URLs after Clear Browser Data (VB-42540)
  • [Menus] Toolbar editor is narrower and not centered (VB-99394)
  • [Panels] Separate width of mail panel pops back when set (VB-99428)
  • [Periodic Reload][Quick Commands] Support primes plus m and s suffixes for easier minute and second time notations (VB-99313)
  • [Speed Dial] Use ‘Open Graph (og) image’ or higher quality image for Speed dial size “icon” (VB-95956)
  • [Speed Dial][Menus] Add undo/redo (VB-98410)
  • [Tabs] Stack on the left has wrong outline (VB-99379)
  • [Tabs] Use recently viewed order when switching between related tabs after tab close (VB-99425)
  • [Workspaces] Odd button rendering in Toolbar and Theme Icon editors (VB-99349)
  • Revert – [Mail] Index failure key already exists: causes new issues (VB-99027)
  • Revert – [Mail][Performance] Caching UID list on startup is slow for big accounts: causes new issues (VB-99258)

Main photo by Georgia Vagim.