Notes fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3105.31

Today’s snapshot includes several Notes fixes, corrects corrupted menus and fixes a crash with PWAs.

Download (3105.31)


  • [Menus] In the event of corruption, better handle reset to defaults (VB-98722)
  • [Notes] Editor always uses white background (VB-98723)
  • [Notes] Checkboxes display a bullet point as well (VB-99376)
  • [Notes] Can display the “Write your first note” message again when there notes present (VB-98901)
  • [Pop out Video] PiP button not conformant to WCAG / WAI standards (VB-99465)
  • [Windows][Crash] When creating a new PWA (VB-99345)

Main photo by Amr Taha.