New Download Panel UI – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2439.3

In today’s snapshot we have lots fixes, a minor Chromium bump and new download panel UI.

Download (2439.3)


  • [New][Downloads][Panels] UI improvements for download panel details (VB-81160)
  • [Address bar][Crash] Pressing the key icon in popup’s address bar (VB-80953)
  • [Capture] Double notifications when capturing to clipboard (VB-83166)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 94.0.4606.72: includes security fixes from upstream)
  • [Crash][Mail] Clicking mail status bar icon sometimes causes Vivaldi to turn grey (VB-83099)
  • [Linux] XPM files used by the Debian menu system show a very old logo
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 95.0.4638.17-104195
  • [macOS] Already up to date message appears in address-bar when no manual check for update has been done (VB-83185)
  • [macOS] Window chrome update (VB-83120)
  • [Panels][Regression] Window Panel no longer bolds the current tab (VB-83193)
  • [PWA] Restored as normal Vivaldi windows after updating and restarting (VB-83272)
  • [Privacy] “Save Browsing History” set to “Session Only” should also apply to closed tabs/windows (VB-34217)
  • [Privacy] Block idle detection API by default (VB-83244)
  • [Search] Add suggest URL for Neeva (VB-83000)
  • [Tabs] Selection is incorrect after creating a tab in second level tab stack (VB-83076)
  • [Translate] The language list in the dropdown is too wide (VB-82900)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [New][Mail] Add support for Drag and Drop of attachments (VB-76643)
  • [Mail] Status popup in status bar partly hidden (VB-83224)
  • [Mail] The count of new unread messages shows unread +1 (VB-80782)
  • [Mail] Improve UI for Mail Status dialog (VB-82806)
  • [Mail][Menus] Add menus for mail header and mail content (VB-83163)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Google login popup on restart with an OAuth Google account (VB-82865)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Logging into Google Account in mail and calendar logs you into Google websites (VB-69098)
  • [Calendar] Add as CalendarEvent from mail shows garbage URL (VB-79406)
  • [Calendar] Can’t sync Fastmail calendar (VB-77873)
  • [Calendar] Update calendar color in calendar overview (VB-78670)

Main photo by Vincent Maret