New commands, fullscreen fixes and a Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2406.4

In today’s snapshot we have a major Chromium bump, so watch out for new issues and regressions.

Known Issues

Download (2406.4)


  • [New][Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Add command for “Go to Parent Directory” (VB-82462)
  • [New][Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Add command for “Minimize All” (VB-82478)
  • [New][QR][Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Add an option to create QR codes more easily (VB-82045)
  • [New][Bookmarks] Create special favicon for bookmarklets with protocol javascript: (VB-20247)
  • [Bookmarks] Open a bookmark folder opens tabs with separator’s URLs (VB-82038)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 93.0.4577.57
  • [Crash] While selecting text (VB-81906)
  • [Developer Tools] Can not inspect iframe (VB-82239)
  • [Extensions] browser action popup window.confirm does not work (VB-28498)
  • [Fullscreen] F11 does not work on second screen (VB-64437)
  • [Fullscreen] Statusbar not hidden in fullscreen although disabled in settings (VB-70712)
  • [Fullscreen] Still in Video fullscreen on second screen if focused away (VB-64433)
  • [Fullscreen] Tab bar, address bar and status bar not visible if Vivaldi is restarted full screen (VB-76024)
  • [Fullscreen][Panels] Reopening in fullscreen hides / shows the panel (VB-50996)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 93.0.4577.42: does not work on distros with older glibc
  • [Mac] No menu or settings entry to disable spell checking (VB-22298)
  • [Menus] Wrong underlining of numbered menu items (VB-82257)
  • [Menus][macOS] Paste & Match Style command is missing (VB-81223)
  • [QR] Scanning icon is blurry (VB-82442)
  • [Reader] View icon visible on Start Page (VB-71136)
  • [Tabs] Tab Stack thumbnail preview doesn’t scroll in vertical Tab Bar (VB-76769)
  • [Themes] Context menu icons should be rendered white in dark OS theme (VB-82253)
  • [Translate] Batch up more strings before sending for translation by throttling scroll events (VB-82489)
  • [Translate] Close selected text popup with ESC (VB-82394)
  • [User Profiles][Panels] Don’t add default Web Panels to Guest Window (VB-78253)
  • [Windows][Linux] Vertical Tab Bar scrollbar width should follow the setting (VB-82266)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [New][Calendar] Add calendar button in the status bar (VB-57571)
  • [Calendar] Import iCal file into CalDAV calendar does not upload events to server (VB-80968)
  • [Calendar] Notification dismisses a currently shown one (VB-82176)
  • [Calendar] Open during onboarding opens a duplicate tab (VB-82248)
  • [Calendar] Wrong color for – and + buttons in Popup editor (VB-82223)
  • [Contacts] Quickly deleting many recipients from composer freezes browser (VB-82385)
  • [Mail] Allow importing from another source without closing the dialog (VB-82426)
  • [Mail] Compose buttons should not placed beside the history buttons (VB-82341)
  • [Mail] Enabling accounts after import fails (VB-80613)
  • [Mail] Import from M2 with no username makes invalid accounts (VB-82399)
  • [Mail] Needs to be smarter at handling brackets in URLs (VB-48850)
  • [Mail] No mail selected when clicking folder in mail panel (VB-36349)
  • [Mail] Not reconnecting to IMAP server after hibernation (VB-82395)
  • [Mail] Render colored icons in mail flag menus (VB-82226)
  • [Mail] Reset search when filter text is cleared (VB-82267)
  • [Mail] Search for to, cc, bcc does not work when prefetch is turned on (VB-82420)
  • [Mail] The count of new unread messages shows unread +1 (VB-80782)

Main photo by Marco Calignano