More web panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2406.23

Here is a little micro feature for you, the list of web panels is now scroll-able.

Download (2406.23)


  • [New][Panels] The number of web panels is locked by window size (VB-35633)
  • [Address Bar] Collapses when opening nested popup (VB-80030)
  • [Crash] On inserting a Note in a Form on a Guest Window (VB-82621)
  • [Extensions] Clicking extensionaction buttons in popup fails (VB-82560)
  • [Search] Add Neeva search engine for American English users (VB-82474)
  • [Tabs] Popup title is set on all windows (VB-82553)
  • [Themes] Add Issuna theme for Manjaro (VB-82738)
  • [Translate] Popup footer renders incorrectly with short texts (VB-82739)
  • [Zoom] Session restored tab fails to update page zoom correctly (VB-82512)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS Beta

  • [Mail] Searching for emails fails when no space between from: to: or cc: and email (VB-82677)

Main photo by Alex Chernenko