More mail search fixes, plus a macOS menu fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3270.4

Today’s snapshot provides updates to mail searching and filters and resolves the problem with the macOS menus.

Download (3270.4)


  • [Calendar][Settings] Local calendars don’t have colored icons (VB-103305)
  • [Importer] Fails to import from Opera (VB-98391)
  • [Mail][Settings] Creating a filter displays searching a folder with a garbled name (VB-103606)
  • [Mail][Settings] Filter editor displays the filter is searching itself (VB-103605)
  • [Mail][Settings] The attachments/date/view filter buttons don’t reset correctly on cancel (VB-104008)
  • [Panels] Hovering over a separator in the panel bar highlights it (VB-93490)
  • [Tabs] Stacking by host should include tabs inside existing stacks (VB-84834)
  • [macOS][Menus] Main menu broken for users with customization (VB-104016)

Main photo by Jéan Béller.