More mail search and translate refinements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3271.33

Today’s snapshot has more updates to mail search and translate.

Man in the foreground with umbrella. In the background is a dark and partially lit cityscape.

Download (3271.33)


  • [Mail] Advanced search closes when you start typing or delete from From field (VB-104188)
  • [Mail] Earlier checks for existing IMAP connections (VB-103903)
  • [Mail] Have option to change search input to search only in subject/body (VB-104153)
  • [Mail] Search DB migration not working (VB-104179)
  • [Mail] Show correct “Search in:” folder content when you select it or start typing a search (VB-104187)
  • [Search] Image search with Google fails (VB-99734)
  • [Speed Dial] Update folder and bookmark icon, appearance (VB-103977)
  • [Translate] Long text is not fully translated (VB-104158)
  • [Workspaces][Settings] Disable “Add new workspace rule” button when workspaces are disabled

Main photo by Osman Rana.