Minor update (3) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 6.0

This update includes security fixes from the Chromium project and numerous other small fixes.

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The following improvements were made since the second 6.0 minor update:

  • [Blocker] Can’t change site content blocker level setting when URL ends with a period (VB-96537)
  • [Calendar] Can’t add new event (VB-96398)
  • [Calendar] Warn if no account or calendar exists during import of event (VB-95937)
  • [Capture] Cannot start screen capture inside flexible space (VB-96846)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 112.0.5615.205
  • [Crash] After clicking a link (VB-96817)
  • [Crash] After closing a developer tools window (VB-96952)
  • [Crash] After closing a private window (VB-96994)
  • [Crash] On window closing after closing a private window (VB-93668)
  • [Crash][Developer Tools] if switching from docked to undocked window (VB-96734)
  • [Developer Tools] Is not displayed correctly in the private window (VB-96765)
  • [Developer Tools] Undocked developer console, the mobile part, isn’t working (VB-94893)
  • [Menus] Autofill manage icon is chrome (VB-95674)
  • [Settings] Window minimum size is smaller than can be seen (VB-96831)
  • [Site compatibility] Main panel on habr.com is not visible (VB-96762)
  • [Site compatibility] Make Chrome the default Client Hints Brand (VB-96837)
  • [Windows][Installer] Incorrect spacing under the install path (VB-96784)
  • [Workspaces][Settings] Switch to previous active tab on attempted closure ‘minimise’ does not work (VB-96828)

Main photo by Oliver Hale.

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