Minor update (3) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 5.3

This update includes a fix that should prevent users getting the wrong default search engine.

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The following improvements were made since the second 5.3 minor update:

  • [Search] Migration can fail resulting in incorrect default search (VB-89628)

Known issue

If you have recently upgraded to 5.3 and have a problem where you cannot change search engines (VB-89670), we are still planning a fix for this in a future update. To work around it in the mean time, just disable and immediately re-enable any extensions you have installed that can configure/setup search (.e.g. “DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials”, “Startpage — Private Search Engine”, “Kagi Search”, etc.). Now restart the browser. You should then be able to control the default search engine again in Settings.

Main photo by Ben White.