Minor update for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 6.7

This update includes crash fixes and various other small fixes and changes.

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The following improvements were made since the initial 6.7 stable release:

  • [Chromium] Federated credentials dialog is misplaced (VB-105803)
  • [Crash] Crash on text input: additional fix (VB-87945)
  • [Crash] On startup for some users (VB-105886)
  • [Import][Bookmarks][Linux] Tries to import from itself (VB-105531)
  • [macOS] Share menu no longer works (VB-104730)
  • [Linux] Black screen with flag ozone-platform-hint Wayland (VB-105882)
  • [Tabs] Forms and page scroll-position not restored when resuming discarded tabs (VB-105629)
  • [Workspaces] Speaker button on the workspace entry doesn’t work (VB-105846)

Main photo by Sandy Millar.

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