Minor update (4) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 4.0

This update fixes media issues on macOS 10.11, includes performance improvements to the stable feature set, and updates the Calendar, Mail and Feeds Beta.

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The following improvements were made since the third 4.0 stable, minor update:

  • [Address bar] Autocomplete selection incorrect on copy (VB-80764)
  • [Blocker] Slowing down the browser on shareably.net (VB-80803)
  • [Calendar] Annually repeating dates are not displayed (VB-80705)
  • [Calendar] Connecting to Zoho Calendar via CalDav gives parser error (VB-80944)
  • [Calendar] Google tasks not marked as complete when new account is added (VB-80871)
  • [Calendar] Import Web Calendar console errors: Can not create alarms, event not found (VB-80283)
  • [Calendar] Show feedback when refreshing CalDAV Calendars (VB-80148)
  • [Calendar] Task duplicated on creation (VB-80946)
  • [Calendar] Use full dialog in response “New Event” button (VB-80755)
  • [Downloads][Panel] Poor performance caused by panel: partial improvement (VB-68202)
  • [Mail] Certain emails not visible with a dark theme (VB-64824)
  • [Mail] Deleting mails very, very slow in large folders (VB-70793)
  • [Mail] Gmail accounts that do not end in gmail.com don’t go through the OAuth authorization procedure (VB-77859)
  • [Mail] Import from M2 fails if M2 has an RSS account (VB-80936)
  • [Mail] Orange.fr mails (NOMODSEQ) are not loaded via IMAP (VB-80253)
  • [Mail] When sending e-mails fail the user is not notified and a single failed email can possibly prevent all the others from being sent (VB-80738)
  • [Profiles] Profile name is written as HTML instead of text in the “Exit [profile name]” menu (VB-80807)
  • [Themes][Extensions] Unread count unreadable (VB-80179)
  • [macOS] Proprietary media does not play on macOS 10.11 (VB-80757)

Main photo by Erica Steeves

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