Minor Chromium update plus fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3105.4

In this snapshot we bump to the latest Chromium stable version and include a bunch of our latest fixes and improvements.

Download (3105.4)


  • [Address bar] Cannot drag and drop from textbox on web page to search box (VB-87410)
  • [Address bar] Text drag-over lacks highlight styling (VB-99335)
  • [Calendar] Sometimes focus gets lost in agenda view (VB-97379)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 116.0.5845.105
  • [Crash] When trying to close one of the profiles (VB-98511)
  • [Crash][Mail] With large attachment (VB-37883)
  • [Mail] Weird border around View Filter buttons in horizontal and vertical wide modes
  • [Mail] Wrong height for icons only in horizontal and vertical-wide (VB-99087)
  • [Mail][Performance] Caching UID list on startup is slow for big accounts (VB-99258)
  • [Menus] layout can be out of sync with UI language (VB-99272)
  • [Menus][Keyboard] Shortcuts for Japanese UI gone after renaming (VB-98661)
  • [Periodic Reload][Menus] Add 60 and 90 mins
  • [Periodic Reload] Repeated reloads when waking device from sleep (VB-82978)
  • [Settings] Preferences reset on window close during Speed Dial thumbnail bulk refresh (VB-99255)
  • [Tabs] Pinned tabs background overflows with horizontal scroll enabled (VB-99000)

Main photo by Neven Krcmarek.