It’s Friday – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2514.11

Here is a festive snapshot, with a bunch of fixes, to take you into the weekend.

Known Issues

  • [Private Windows] No favicons for tabs (VB-85060)
  • [Auto fill] Not working (VB-85046)

Download (2514.11)


  • [Bookmark] Property description not changed after focusing bookmark folder list (VB-84535)
  • [Downloads] Switching between sorting hides items (VB-84251)
  • [Keyboard][Settings] Single-key shortcuts performed twice when typing in Settings (VB-84847)
  • [Privacy][Private Window] Cookies can sometimes get saved to the normal cookie storage (VB-84929)
  • [Tabs] Impossible to close accordion stack that has a tab with a changing title (VB-85065)
  • [Themes][Linux][Windows] “Fade Foreground Colors” setting has no effect on window colors (VB-84730)
  • [Translate][Panel] Uses page language even when translating entered/pasted text not from a webpage (VB-85050)
  • [Updates] Poor wording for ‘Update to Vivaldi available’ (VB-85048)
  • [Web Panels][User Agent] Switching between desktop and mobile mode does not reload page (VB-85101)

Note: The entry for VB-84929 was added in to the changelog on 2021-12-16.

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar][macOS] Alert type system notifications are sent twice for notifications (VB-82853)
  • [Feeds] doesn’t work (VB-84955)
  • [Mail] Can’t add Yahoo accounts (VB-71943)
  • [Mail] Fixed default show/hide button statuses (VB-84296)
  • [Mail] I get prompted to enter my Outlook password repeatedly (VB-84230)
  • [Mail] Password popup header needs to span two lines (VB-85055)
  • [Mail] Yahoo oAuth authentication (VB-84230)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Status popup UI detail improvements (VB-85063)
  • [Mail][Menus] Using “Send by Mail” context menu puts URL in subject line (VB-85097)

Main photo of André Schultz.