Improvements in the Editable toolbars and Mail – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2679.25

Today’s snapshot includes a fixes for our toolbar editor, mail, calendar and feeds.

Download (2679.25)


  • [Editable Toolbars] Remove Downloads from default toolbar set and prevent sync (VB-89496)
  • [Editable Toolbars][Mail] Toolbar buttons invisible in editor (VB-89503)
  • [Editable Toolbars][Themes] Drop indicator invisible with accent color on foreground (VB-89414)
  • [Editable Toolbars][macOS] Allow draggable space in toolbar (VB-89457)
  • [Reset][Settings] Limit reset settings buttons to not disable mail, calendar and feeds (VB-89466)
  • [Reset][Settings] Reset all settings removes mail accounts: disabling reset all sections for now (VB-89488)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Recurring exceptions not updated for web calendar (VB-89463)
  • [Calendar] iCal parsing error VJOURNAL (VB-89458)
  • [Feeds][Panel] Icon does not indicate new messages (VB-89065)
  • [Mail] Can’t tab through mail compose fields (VB-89022)
  • [Mail] Entire mailbox marked internal and trashed on startup (VB-89505)
  • [Mail] Ignore pending updates from a disconnected IMAP client (VB-89480)
  • [Mail] Keeps prefetching non-existent message (VB-86649)
  • [Mail] Search input is shown when composing a new message (VB-89372)

Main photo by Rinck Content Studio.