Happy New Year – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2901.3

Today’s snapshot has a range for fixes to the address field, mail and tabs and also a couple of crash fixes.

Download (2901.3)


  • [Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t work in private window (VB-93807)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete recommends bookmarks with longer nickname (VB-93605)
  • [Address bar] Pasted word in address field doesn’t evoke suggestions (VB-92395)
  • [Address bar] Typed history must autocomplete on text then title
  • [Calendar] Event update from server not saved in Vivaldi (VB-94104)
  • [Commands] Add Content Scripts to Chained Commands (VB-93995)
  • [Commands] Remove Extra Semicolon in Quick Commands (VB-93789)
  • [Crash] After opening link in new window (VB-93983)
  • [Crash] On Google translate (VB-93671)
  • [History] Doubled history calendar overflow (VB-93637)
  • [History] Week view duplicate header row (VB-94249)
  • [Mail] Added Threaded sorting option on top of the search list (VB-93794)
  • [Mail] Fixed move to trash/junk/archive folder mixup (VB-93778)
  • [Mail] Some threading optimizations: (VB-94194)
  • [Mail][Keyboard] Missing keyboard shortcut for marking/unmarking spam (VB-94170)
  • [Settings] Menu visual glitches (VB-89624)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Can not reach single items of unread forum posts (VB-93630)
  • [Tabs] Incorrect activation order when closing tabs (VB-93887)
  • [Tabs] Should not unselect after tiling (VB-85223)
  • [Tabs] Switcher UI cut off in list view with many tabs (VB-93157)
  • [Tabs] Tile set background leaks into vertical transparent Tab Bar (VB-94150)
  • [Tabs] Tiled tab layout not maintained after browser restart (VB-93775)
  • [Tabs] Vertical tab favicons show through floating panel (VB-93926)
  • [Toolbars] Search and address field can’t be dragged in editor (VB-93920)
  • [Windows] Add support for custom Windows accent color on windows borders on Windows 11 (VB-93802)
  • [Windows] Window Border is cut in maximized state and is missing top-border in restored on Windows 7
  • [Zoom] Page zoom controls broken in vertical toolbar (VB-93956)

Main photo by Daniel Aleksandersen