Further address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2887.3

Today’s snapshot has more address field fixes and a crash fix.

Download (2887.3)


  • [Crash] Redocking undocked Developer Tools triggers crash (VB-93853)
  • [Address bar] Deleting dropdown item makes autocomplete inconsistent (VB-93876)
  • [Address bar] Broken modifier click in address field (VB-93885)
  • [Address bar] Cloned tab can have no URL (VB-92969)
  • [Address bar][Keyboard] Ctrl Backspace doesn’t delete word in address field (VB-93737)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Disabling select address on activation setting dysfunctional (VB-93283)
  • [Calendar] Remove gap around unfocused add event button
  • [macOS] Add “Quit warning” menu element (VB-93811)
  • [Mail] Fixed default show trash/archive/junk in Received folder (VB-93782)
  • [Mail] New mail notifications shown in bulk (VB-93320)
  • [Panels] Upgrading to 5.6 restores removed web panels (VB-93601)
  • [Sync] Synchronize custom bookmark thumbnail metadata (VB-93139)
  • [Tabs] Startup Pages does not always get saved (VB-93763)
  • [UI] Copy button in vivaldi://about broken (VB-92232)

Main photo by elnaz asadi