Frequently requested fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2883.3

Today’s snapshot has more address field fixes, resolves problems with window borders on old Windows and fixes up the downloads panel.

Download (2883.3)


  • [Address bar] Auto-complete is preferring long URLs to domains: further fix (VB-92493)
  • [Address bar] New tab shows typed URL from background tab (VB-93198)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Allow disabling of autocomplete on item title (VB-93420)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Need better error handling around decrypting oAuth refresh_token (VB-93779)
  • [Crash] Sudden memory hogging, freeze and crash (VB-91443)
  • [Downloads][Panels] Closes suddenly when the “Save As” button is clicked (VB-93278)
  • [Feeds] Update supported formats in the Accept header for feeds (VB-93780)
  • [Mail] Undelete doesn’t remove a message from Trash (VB-93459)
  • [Reader Mode] Messing with webpage styles (VB-93798)
  • [Sync][Bookmarks] Synchronize custom bookmark thumbnail metadata (VB-93139)
  • [Windows] No window-borders on Windows older than 11 (VB-93742)
  • [macOS][Menus][Tabs] Tab stacks are not listed in the global window menu (VB-92517)

Main photo by Francesca Hotchin