Fixes for recent Windows issues – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2741.3

Small snapshot with a fix for the unclickable area around the application as well as the taskbar not appearing when set to autohide.

Known Issues

  • Maximizing vivaldi from taskbar cuts off UI(VB-90606)

Download (2741.3)


  • [Panel] Expand the editor resize handles (VB-90557)
  • [Panel] Visible scrollbars in collapsed editor (VB-90557)
  • [Speed Dial] Jumps when navigating between folders (VB-90508)
  • [Windows] Unclickable frame around whole application in fullscreen and maximized window (VB-90379)
  • [Windows] Autohiding Windows taskbar does not appear (VB-90570)

Main photo by Pawel Janiak