Fix for a common crash, plus Mail search fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3271.4

Today’s snapshot includes a fix for a crash a number of you were hitting and further improves the mail search and filters.

A posed scene showing two lego cars which appear to have been involved in an accident

Download (3271.4)


  • [Crash] Common crash (VB-102853)
  • [Mail] Adding autocomplete option to just search for typed text (VB-103950)
  • [Mail] After searching the filters are wrong (VB-103387)
  • [Mail] Missing scroll in list when enter contacts in compose window (VB-32874)
  • [Mail] Revert to dropdown field default when hitting ‘clear’ on the date selector (VB-103339)
  • [Mail] Search not added to history (VB-103808)
  • [Mail][Composer] Autocomplete to contacts too wide when matches really long address/name (VB-104052)
  • [Periodic reload] Indicator is not shown (VB-103730)
  • [Translate] Not translating whole page: work in progress (VB-104037)

Main photo by Matt Hudson.