Client Hints and a sense of déjà vu – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2950.3

Today’s snapshot brings you up to date with our latest fixes and improvements and adds a setting for Client Hints branding, to prevent Vivaldi users from being locked out of websites.

To learn more about Client Hints and how we arrived here read, “Client hints or client lies?“.

Known Issues

  • [Linux][Settings] No Network section so the Sec-Ch-Ua (Client Hints) setting can only be located via a settings search (VB-95726)

Download (2950.3)


  • [Address bar] Autocomplete not triggered when typing full domain (VB-95282)
  • [Address bar] Copy URL with IDN is broken (VB-95490)
  • [Address bar] IDN-Domains are not shown as they should (VB-95111)
  • [Address bar] Removes autocomplete value when pasting (VB-95501)
  • [Address bar] Search not added to typed history from dropdown (VB-95284)
  • [Address bar] Should not use shortest item for typed history (VB-95234)
  • [Address bar] Typed history dropdown ignores first item (VB-95411)
  • [Address bar] URL sometimes URL-decoded when it should not be (VB-86717)
  • [Bookmarks] Editing URLs is broken (VB-95321)
  • [Bookmarks][History] Always display full URL (VB-95633)
  • [Calendar] Can not navigate to tasks without time in tasks list (VB-91642)
  • [Calendar] Can not update event from invite mail (VB-95314)
  • [Calendar] Can not invite non-contacts as event participants (VB-95429)
  • [Calendar] Error “Username or URL missing” trying to sync local event (VB-95452)
  • [Calendar] Include time and location in invitation emails (VB-95459)
  • [Calendar] No reminder for recurring event if more than one hour before event (VB-95522)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Consistent margins and change colors for Calendar Invite emails (VB-95607)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Event invite doesn’t include email signature (VB-95458)
  • [Calendar][Settings] Cannot delete Google Calendar (VB-95663)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 110.0.5481.181
  • [Crash] When playing some accelerated videos and you drag tab to new window (VB-95402)
  • [Crash][Mail] With large attachment: Partial fix via a warning for large emails and prevention of “sending” when off line (VB-37883)
  • [Downloads] Intentional download protection bypass breaks downloads when downloading from a private IP address (VB-94568)
  • [Extensions] Event missing when opening links in new tabs (VB-94302)
  • [Integration] Sometimes title missing for dragged desktop shortcut (VB-93453)
  • [Languages] Add Catalan (VB-80698)
  • [Languages] Add Punjabi (VB-82009)
  • [Linux][Media] Change proprietary codecs to 110.0.5481.100-110326 (VB-95478)
  • [macOS][Address bar][Zoom] Size should follow UI zoom (VB-95592)
  • [Mail] Compose opening in reading tab (VB-89530)
  • [Mail] Compose tab contents partly lost on restart (VB-91134)
  • [Mail] Things break when composing and sending a large message (VB-93168)
  • [Media][Fullscreen] Video consumes full space of page when leaving fullscreen (VB-87127)
  • [Notifications] Clicking HTML5 notifications should activate corresponding tab (VB-11750)
  • [Notifications] Deduplicate identical, similar, and updated notifications (VB-95610)
  • [Panels] Zoom button in the web panel became bigger (VB-95276)
  • [Reader] Upgrade readability (VB-95544)
  • [Sessions] Can’t close “Open session” with Escape key (VB-94780)
  • [Settings] Configure Client Hints Brand list [‘Sec-Ch-Ua’ in Network settings or via search]: work in progress (VB-95508)
  • [Settings] Window controls and Menu misaligned when ‘Tab Bar disabled’ and ‘Hide Title Bar When Tabs Are Not on Top enabled’ (VB-95259)
  • [Settings][Themes] Preview background clips through border (VB-94804)
  • [Speed Dial] Open all bookmarks context menu does not work (VB-95309)
  • [Speed dial] Thumbnail name not visible when dragging over (VB-90047)
  • [Status bar] Missing fragment part of URL (VB-95582)
  • [Toolbars] Add confirmation dialog to toolbar reset (VB-95348)
  • [Toolbars] Editor closes on toolbar clicks (VB-95343)
  • [Toolbars] Editor has empty defaults when toggling UI (VB-95401)
  • [Window management] Pinned tabs are not saved when closing window with Alt+F4 (VB-92921)
  • [Windows][Installer] Add to Windows taskbar on install (VB-94698)

Main photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo