Chromium 122 update and big improvements to Web Panels, Calendar and Translate – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3265.3

For our Friday snapshot we have updates across the browser with special attention to Calendar, Mail, Translate and Web Panels. Plus there is a jump from Chromium 120 to 122.

Known Issues

  • [Linux][Media] No proprietary media support on distros with an older glibc: this will be fixed in a future snapshot (VB-103867)

Download (3265.3)


  • [Address Bar] Doesn’t autocomplete correctly when subdomain (VB-103593)
  • [Address bar] When typing and hitting “Enter” quickly, some characters are dropped (VB-103404)
  • [Bookmarks] Metadata extraction fails when image recoding errs (VB-103731)
  • [Calendar] Add ability to type and select time zone (VB-98417)
  • [Calendar] Can’t scroll in the event details dialog (VB-97278)
  • [Calendar] Insert “No title” or “No subject” into calendar event name when no title is added (VB-72909)
  • [Calendar] Make the event link 🔗 symbol clickable (VB-73039)
  • [Calendar] Rename “Apple iCloud” account type option to “iCloud Calendar” (VB-102386)
  • [Calendar] When moving an event to the future, notifications do not get created on remote (VB-101456)
  • [Calendar][Panels] Event “Dialog” hides under right-side of the panel (VB-103604)
  • [Calendar][Tasks] Panel and sidebar show trashed tasks (VB-103700)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 122.0.6261.25
  • [Commands] Translate Page missing from Command Chains (VB-103601)
  • [Crash] When visiting the Privacy and Security settings page in a private window (VB-103648)
  • [Downloads] http downloads from https site fail silently (VB-103238)
  • [Extensions] Numeric badges on extension icons are unreadable (VB-99599)
  • [Feeds] UI is broken in subscribe to Feed dialog (VB-103813)
  • [Mail] IMAP client creation stalls after hibernation (VB-103502)
  • [Mail] Importing a duplicate message with no subject does not find dup (VB-103739)
  • [Mail] Must subscribe to standard folders on account setup (VB-103854)
  • [Mail] Search jumps upon navigating to mail tab (VB-96344)
  • [Mail] Unread filter broken and shows all messages after clicking Reset in View Filters (VB-103620)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Clear oAuth log entries while clearing mail and calendar log in Status Popup (VB-103738)
  • [Notes] Screenshot is loaded instead of original URL (VB-103803)
  • [Panels] Make side-panels/web-panels work more like regular tabs (VB-103513)
  • [Popout Video] No PiP button on Rutube (VB-103627)
  • [Privacy statistics] Pop out window shrinks (VB-103737)
  • [Sessions][Panels] Search is case-sensitive (VB-103519)
  • [Settings] Poor performance in rendering Website Permissions (slows down settings search) (VB-103586)
  • [Speed Dials] Change default size to ‘Icon’
  • [Speed Dials] Remove ‘https://www’ from Speed Dials without title (VB-103828)
  • [Tabs] Stack popup thumbnails show tabs from other Workspaces (VB-103725)
  • [Tabs] Tiled stack opens a blank page (VB-101227)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Tiling context menus items need an overhaul (VB-103667)
  • [Translate] Automatic detection doesn’t work at all for short words (VB-93769)
  • [Translate] Doesn’t work with Montenegrin page (VB-100171)
  • [Translate] Don’t translate “<code>” tag content (VB-88867)
  • [Translate] Language detection lacking when using “Auto-translate selected text” (VB-103640)
  • [Translate] Popup should detect source language also on subsequent use (VB-94554)
  • [Translate] Text containing “&shy;” breaks: fixes many Icelandic sites (VB-103689)
  • [Translate] Time isn’t localized in the selected text translation popup (VB-91039)
  • [Translate][Reader] “Translate selected text” option doesn’t work (VB-83212)
  • [UI] Unify look of form elements: follow up fixes (VB-103355)

Main photo by Brady Bellini.