Changes to Mail View Filters – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3096.3

In this snapshot we attempt to improve Mail View Filters and catch you up with the latest fixes as our team returns from vacation.

Changes to Mail View Filters

The big change here is in a way the “View filters” work. This should hopefully help new users avoid being confused by similar looking icons with different functionality and/or enabling a View Filter by mistake. At the same time we need things to be easy for those who change these filters regularly. For now, the new default for the “Vertical Layout” is a drop down menu with textual descriptions, but if you want just individual icons you can still have them (“Settings → Mail Settings → Filter View Buttons”). For the Horizontal and Vertical Wide Layouts, we have more space and can therefore use text labels to describe each view filter without the need of a drop down, but again you can just set to “icons only” if you find that neater. 😉

Download (3096.3)


  • [New][Mail] View Filters are confused for being a Mail Action Toolbar (VB-95308)
  • [Address bar] Engine icon is often not displayed in search field (VB-94157)
  • [Address bar] Search Field dropdown remains opened (VB-98720)
  • [Address bar] Emojis as favicons appear blank (VB-81544)
  • [Address bar][Bookmarks] Display folder nickname (VB-98925)
  • [Calendar] Subject of event not visible in the reminder window (VB-98736)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 116.0.5845.59
  • [Crash] When adding vivaldi://discards as a speed dial (VB-98877)
  • [Downloads][Panel] Google Safe Browsing causes downloading to get struck (VB-96539)
  • [Feeds] Icon disappears when page loads (VB-50729)
  • [History] Shows http entry after https entry on a redirect (VB-26114)
  • [Keyboard] Cycling focus stuck when tab bar is hidden (VB-95976)
  • [Keyboard] Focus Panel Controls has stopped working (VB-93688)
  • [Linux] Vary Process names to ease use of tools like killall and top (VB-99065)
  • [macOS][Media] Poor video performance (VB-81757)
  • [Mail] Cannot mark all mails as read in custom folder (VB-94347)
  • [Mail] IMAP folder names not decoded from UTF-7 (VB-98829)
  • [Panels] Closing floating web panel hides the sidebar unexpectedly (VB-98621)
  • [Panels] The scroll bar is covered by the side panel handle when it is set on the right side. (VB-98065)
  • [Panels][Workspaces] Not all Workspace functionality is available in the Window Panel (VB-98479)
  • [Performance][Clock] Button can slow down the creation of tabs (VB-83297)
  • [Performance][Downloads] Progress animation stresses GPU (VB-98841)
  • [Spatnav] Box is moved on scroll (VB-89443)
  • [Speed Dial] Fast bookmark drag+click may block pointer events (VB-98930)
  • [Workspaces] Button title spacing wrong (VB-99111)
  • [Workspaces] Loudspeaker icon on Workspace tab keeps appearing and disappearing (VB-97425)
  • [Workspaces] Make sure tab opens in the last-open workspace when started (VB-96702)
  • [Workspaces] Moving tab to new window switches workspace in existing window (VB-98804)
  • [Workspaces] Replacement tab from root workspace moved into active workspace when moving original tab in Window Panel (VB-99014)

Main photo by Tyler Nix.