Calendar fixes and more – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2712.3

Today’s snapshot fixes several issues for calendar users.

Download (2712.3)


  • [Address Bar][Blocker] Icon for blocked content is surrounded by a box that sticks out (VB-90145)
  • [Calendar] Can’t export local calendar (VB-89955)
  • [Calendar] Google calendar data not synced (VB-90114)
  • [Calendar] Sync from server not working (VB-90066)
  • [Calendar] Task clear start time button is misaligned (VB-90083)
  • [Mail] Client not starting for some users (VB-89426)
  • [Panel][Media] Muted webpanel plays audio if a second webpanel is added (VB-89902)
  • [Search] Field Button dropdown history icon broken (VB-89955)
  • [Tabs] Dropping a tab over the webpage is not creating a new window (on secondary screens) (VB-88901)
  • |Address Bar][Themes] Dropdown highlight isn’t visible in dark mode (VB-90182)
  • Stackblitz Page is redirected to blank screen (VB-71066)

Main photo by Laura Adai.