Bookmarks icon fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3160.30

We got a lot of complaints about that one, so here is a fix. Along with a selection of other improvements.

Known issues

  • [Sync] Typed history is also temporarily disabled (in addition to full history) but this will be fixed in a future snapshot

Download (3160.30)


  • [Address bar][Bookmarks] Nickname not selected when exactly typing it (VB-100872)
  • [Bookmarks] Icon animated fill toggle state does not toggle when bookmarked (VB-100549)
  • [Mail] Account status inaccurate in status and panel: further fix (VB-100393)
  • [Settings] Window opened from private window shows blank page (VB-100478)
  • [Sync] Disable history sync for the time being: further testing is needed before this can go in stable
  • [UI] Help link in type-squatter dialog points to Chrome help (VB-100730)

Main photo by Jonathan Greenaway.