Are we there yet? – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2753.15/17

Todays snapshot brings us very close to the final release of Vivaldi 5.4 for desktop.

We are now close to the final release of Vivaldi 5.4, so test these fixes carefully and please report any regressions since the 5.3 stable release.

Please note however that one of the fixes below (VB-90215) causes an easy to trigger crash on macOS. Nonetheless we are putting out this snapshot to get the testing of recent fixes underway, due of the imminent release of Vivaldi 5.4. To avoid annoying macOS users, autoupdate is disabled for the time being (for macOS only). If you are on macOS and want to install and test the fixes anyway (despite the crash), you can download manually via the link below. We will try and get out a quick snapshot with a fix for that, shortly after this one goes live.

Known Issues

  • [macOS][Tabs][Crash] By right-clicking a tab (VB-90788)
  • [macOS] Autoupdate disabled because of VB-90788 (above)

Download (2753.15/17)


  • [Address bar] Incorrect item displayed in search field when selected from dropdown (VB-90740)
  • [Address bar] Links opened in a new tab have the URL bar focused instead of the page (VB-90575)
  • [Address bar] Pressing “Delete” or “Backspace” causes the cursor to jump to the end of the text (VB-89726)
  • [Calendar] Cannot close notification (VB-90644)
  • [Calendar] Invalid time format with Finnish locale (VB-90504)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 104.0.5112.83
  • [Clock] Countdown timer field not selected by click (VB-90684)
  • [Linux][Media][ARM] Proprietary media (H.264/AAC) is not working
  • [macOS] Copy link to highlight does not work: fixes causes crash on right clicking tab (VB-90215)
  • [Mail] Slow opening and closing panel (VB-90784)
  • [Mail] Update user agent in outgoing mail headers to 1.1
  • [Mail] Very long mail panel causes slowdown in opening/closing (VB-90785)
  • [Search] Update the Qwant logo (VB-90736)
  • [Toolbar] Clear editing modifier state on window change (VB-90776)
  • [Window management] New window not maximized like opener (VB-90507)

Main photo by Anton Luzhkovsky