Another round of fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3060.3

Today’s snapshot fixes an issue with bookmarks resulting in data loss and improves feeds, mail and Speed Dials.

Download (3060.3)


  • [Address bar] Trailing slashes are removed from URLs (VB-94032)
  • [Bookmarks] URLs overwritten by nearby entries when holding arrow down (VB-98408)
  • [Clock] Use highlight color for clock second hand (VB-69141)
  • [Feeds] Enable Feed Discovery by default (VB-98393)
  • [Feeds] Offline accounts and RSS feeds removed from panel after update (VB-96072)
  • [Feeds][Performance] Poll immediately after adding new feeds (VB-98392)
  • [macOS] Fullscreen state has extra space (VB-96235)
  • [Mail] Consistently say “spam” rather than “junk” (VB-67226)
  • [Mail] New window with error dialog appears when reopening closed mail tab (VB-98130)
  • [Mail][Calendar] Buttons don’t migrate to a new window (VB-98380)
  • [Mail][Panels][Toolbars] Search not rotated when editing toolbar (VB-96985)
  • [Panels] New window opens with empty panel if a panel was already open (VB-98270)
  • [Quick Commands] Navigating to a page while a page is loading steals focus (VB-98453)
  • [Settings][Sync] Account details verification checks fail when creating account (VB-98441)
  • [Speed Dial] Accidental drag leads to entries removal after Esc (VB-97785)
  • [Speed Dial] Title is not editable when a folder is created (VB-97854)
  • [Speed Dial] Use font-size-small and centered text for Icon size entries (VB-98091)
  • [Sync][Tabs] Do not sync tab bar position setting (VB-98075)
  • [Toolbars] Reordering extensions in popup may remove toolbar button (VB-98412)
  • [Toolbars][Mail] Buttons are visible in toolbar edit mode even if mail is disabled (VB-98386)
  • [Windows] Dragging file attachment to desktop corrupts the file (VB-97745)

Main photo by Freddy Kearney