A quick fix to the previous snapshot – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2355.3

This is a quick fix to our previous snapshot, so that Chains accessed via custom application menus also work on macOS.

Known Issues

  • If you have used sync in a early snapshot based on Chromium 92 (either on Desktop or Android), it might have created corrupted bookmark or notes entries and you will need to Clear Server Data. Affected users will have sync crash when trying to log out and log in again.

Download (2355.3)


  • [Menus][Chains][macOS] Does not work from the application menu (VB-81459)
  • [Menus][Settings][Keyboard] Some shortcuts are not shown (VB-81446)
  • [User Agent] Add Mojeek to list of search engines that get the real User Agent (VB-65894)

Main photo by Tord Sollie