A large round of fixes and a double Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2549.3

Today’s snapshot has a range of improvements and Chromium increase to 98.

Download (2549.3)


(Honestly, we did all these in one day. You can trust me… 😜)

  • [Address bar] Add “Copy without parameters” to the context menu (VB-85455)
  • [Address bar] The Hover state is incorrect (button overlaps border) (VB-61312)
  • [Address bar][Downloads] Button has a non-clickable area in the progress bar. (VB-85586)
  • [Bookmarks] Can’t add if the folder where the last bookmark was added has been moved to trash (VB-81890)
  • [Capture] Doesn’t save to JPG as selected (VB-83776)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 98.0.4758.50
  • [Crash] When opening “vivaldi://apps” in a private window. (VB-85553)
  • [Linux][Media][arm32] No proprietary media support: download link expired (VB-85698)
  • [Periodic Reload] Of background tab is set on active one (VB-85652)
  • [Settings] Long passwords cannot be viewed in Settings (VB-80334)
  • [Sync] UI broken in French (VB-83483)
  • [Tabs] Active tab height is limited in two level vertical stacks (VB-85807)
  • [Tabs] Buttons can become unusable with multiple windows (VB-85667)
  • [Tabs] Cannot minimise vertical tab bar (VB-85585)
  • [Tabs] tooltip can be cut off at the bottom of vertical Tab Bar (VB-85894)
  • [Tabs][Tab Scrolling] Active tab can be hidden on startup (VB-85607)
  • [Tabs][Tab Scrolling] Align New Tab button to last tab in horizontal scrolling tab bar (VB-85655)
  • [Tabs][Tab Scrolling] Disable scrolling arrows when scrolling is not possible (VB-85589)
  • [Translate] Add support for translating the <small> tag contents (VB-85679)
  • [Translate] Does not handle script tags with embedded br tags (VB-85721)
  • [Translate][Panels] Layout update (VB-85456)
  • [Window management] Javascript open popup inside a popup is not working anymore (VB-84851)
  • [Windows][Installer] Scaling issues: query DPI for the currently used monitor (VB-85752)
  • [Windows][Installer] Scaling issues: text does not fit the window when the scale is 3 or more (VB-84958)
  • [Windows][Media][Crash] Windows 7 (VB-85450)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Adding a task under Agenda > Tasks does not work correctly (VB-84941)
  • [Calendar] Can click clear in calendar log even when it’s empty (VB-83785)
  • [Calendar] Can’t select long text in event description (VB-73775)
  • [Calendar] Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘description’) (VB-85546)
  • [Calendar] Ctrl+Backspace deletes event (VB-66068)
  • [Calendar] Erroring when viewing too many events in week or day view (VB-84649)
  • [Calendar] Event repeat count is incorrect or confusing (VB-62130)
  • [Calendar] Events imported without end time not shown (VB-68396)
  • [Calendar] Events with no Due date still get’s a reminder (VB-85730)
  • [Calendar] Infinity in progress status bar (VB-85600)
  • [Calendar] Missing for new events (VB-75936)
  • [Calendar] Multi-day event overlaps month picker in panel week view (VB-67217)
  • [Calendar] Odd tick box behaviour when setting up new Google account (VB-85288)
  • [Calendar] Restoring event should focus the viewport that the event is in (VB-66735)
  • [Calendar] Search shows from how many days events were found on instead of the number of events (VB-74481)
  • [Calendar] Wrong height for some events, using minimal display (VB-83171)
  • [Calendar][Panels] Agenda view in Panel is always focused (VB-85810)
  • [Calendar][Settings] Re-structure Notification settings (VB-85731)
  • [Mail] ‘Show’ toolbar should not be visible in Single Thread views (VB-85858)
  • [Mail] Error dialogs missing for mail errors (VB-32127)
  • [Mail] Folder error icon doesn’t have an associated tooltip (VB-58347)
  • [Mail] Prevent multiple oAuth pop up dialogs (VB-85682)
  • [Mail] Remaining time on import is meaningless (VB-85848)
  • [Mail] Separate Search and View Filters (VB-85747)
  • [Mail] Setting up accounts stops after a while (VB-84503)
  • [Mail] Some menu buttons are often inactive (VB-85584)
  • [Mail] X deletes wrong email address when replying with more than one address (VB-85742)
  • [Mail][IME] Label does not accept IME input (VB-74707)

Main photo by Zdeněk Macháček.