A few updates before the weekend – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2490.3

In today’s snapshot our work on shareable themes continues.

Download (2490.3)


  • [Linux][Media] Allow install of alternate libffmpeg if the user updates their system to one with a supported glibc
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 96.0.4664.35—104707
  • [Locale] Swedish system long date format incorrect (VB-73701)
  • [Themes] Installing a theme leaves the install dialog open in additional windows (VB-84338)
  • [Themes] Make the theme page reflect install status immediately and not after a reload (VB-84410)
  • [Themes] Speaker/Sound icon turns completely blank when enough tabs fill the tab bar (VB-84420)
  • [Translate][Panel] Better error handling to improve automatic detection (VB-84434)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Feeds] Add feed dialog should allow adding an incomplete feed (VB-84424)
  • [Calendar] Add option to not show notifications (VB-84425)
  • [Calendar] Duplicate event created when using done button (VB-84384)
  • [Calendar] Status button shows events from hidden calendars (VB-84459)
  • [Calendar][Mail] Status button logs overflow (VB-84454)
  • [Mail] Inbox navigates to composer after closing a composer tab (VB-84412)
  • [Mail] Performance fix for getting next filtering request

Main photo by Pawel Czerwinski