Default browser check – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1657.8

This snapshot includes fixes for the address bar and find-in-page, a default browser check on startup, and a bump to Chromium.

Known issues

  • No ARM Builds this time: they will return in a future snapshot

Download (1657.8)


  • [Regression] Zoom widget in status bar lags when zooming with mouse wheel: further fix (VB-56359)
  • [Regression][Crash] When closing tabs with PDF in iframe (VB-55287)
  • [Regression][Hang] During find-in-page (VB-56564)
  • [Regression][Address bar] Overwritten URL suggestion goes to the original URL (VB-56803)
  • [Address bar] Colon and a space in a search string would trigger navigation (VB-48208)
  • [Address bar] Dot and a space in a search string would trigger navigation (VB-54990)
  • [Address bar] Searching for http(s) was not possible (VB-56567)
  • [History] The number of selected files are not shown with select “All” option (VB-38739)
  • [macOS][Fullscreen] Top part gets hidden by showing menu in Native Window mode (VB-46868)
  • [macOS] ⌥ (Option)-Clicking window does not minimize all windows (VB-51684)
  • [macOS][Quick Commands] Nothing happens when you try to quit (VB-52752)
  • [macOS][Windows] Vivaldi does not check if it is default browser on startup: further fix needed for Linux (VB-55597)
  • [Windows] Pin to Taskbar breaks shortcut (VB-52406)
  • [Sounds] Manually muted tab becomes unmuted when it becomes active (VB-56457)
  • [User Profiles] Chromium logo in the management dialog (VB-54643)
  • Simpler UI for crash recovery (VB-56704)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 77.0.3865.62

Main photo by Allison Wopata

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