Custom links in menus – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2059.2

Today’s snapshot adds support for custom links in menus.

Download (2059.2)


  • [New][Configurable menus] Add support for custom links via an “Open link” command (VB-72316)
  • [Blocker] Format blocking exceptions and warn if invalid (VB-69511)
  • [Linux] Middle-click paste from primary buffer onto webpage fails (VB-72227)
  • [macOS][Regression] DMG background is un-styled
  • [Regression] Camera/microphone permissions do not stick (VB-72006)
  • [Regression] No way to open blocked popups (VB-71939)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Trash and context menus stop working after click on empty trash (VB-72318)

Main photo by Will Esayenko