Crash fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1303.3

For today’s snapshot we have a preliminary fix for the worst of the common crashes and fixed the reload image context menu.

The next release is starting to shape up pretty nicely now but the last few snapshots have had an outstanding issue with common crashes when closing tabs or moving them to another window. We have a partial fix for this today. It is not fully finalised but we would love your feedback, to see if things are better for those of you who have been heavily affected. We are also interested to see if any new issues arise as a result of this work. Thanks for testing!

Known issue

  • Drag and drop tab to new window causes duplicate tabs (VB-43454)
  • Autoupdate disabled because of issues

Download (1303.3)


  • Crash on closing tab or moving multiple tabs to another window: partial fix (VB-40925)
  • Crash from clicking tab with PDF file (VB-43260)
  • Reload image context menu item does not work (VB-43408)

Main photo by Andrea Reiman