Crash fix for Linux – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1183.3

Just a small update for today’s snapshot to test a fix for a crash on startup, that some Linux users might encounter.

Download (1183.3)


  • [Linux] Vivaldi will crash if the user installs a third party with unresolved dependencies VB-39825
  • [Themes] The background of the Menu bar not match with the Tab bar background VB-37886
  • [Themes] Checkboxes in Settings Look Like Radio Buttons if Corner Rounding is High VB-40243
  • [Themes] Poorly visible tree separator in dark themes
  • [Quick Commands] Search does not work if there is a space at the beginning of the line VB-40199
  • Privacy settings needs a link to privacy page VB-39542
  • Further backported Chromium v66 security patches

Main photo by Cassidy Mills on Unsplash.