Powerful commands to control noisy tabs – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.11

Is there anything more annoying than a video or advert in a background tab causing unwanted noise?

Someone shushing... (source: Unsplash) as an illustration for: Control noisy tabs with the Vivaldi browser

Our initial tab muting feature helped to identify the tabs causing the problem and mute them but in 1.7 we wanted to make sound control even more powerful.

Better sound control for tabs

We have now made the tab muting feature more accessible to those of you who work primarily with the keyboard. We also decided to provide even more options to precisely control the behaviour of sound in tabs, including commands to “Mute/unmute Tab”, “Mute Other Tabs”, “Mute All Tabs”, “Unmute Other Tabs” and “Unmute All Tabs”. So that no matter how many tabs you have open and what the web throws at you, you have the power to quickly control what plays and what doesn’t!

To access these features simply call up Quick Commands via “F2/⌘+E” and type “mute”, then select the option you want via the arrow keys. Alternatively, you can define keyboard shortcuts for any of these new options via “Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts → Tab” and mouse gestures under “Settings → Mouse → Gesture Mapping”.

If you have friends who have complained about noisy tabs, remember to let them know about Vivaldi.

Download (1.7.735.11)


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